Dt. Deepta Nagpal

M.Sc. (Food and Nutrition) University Double Gold Medalist, AIIMS (New Delhi), PGIMER (Chandigarh), Army R&R Hospital (New Delhi)

Deepta Nagpal has two decades of extensive experience in clinical dietetics, nutrition counseling, education and research. She has learnt her skills at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She has worked in various elite medical research institutes in India and is currently settled in Europe. She has been an avid traveler and visited many countries around the world. This has helped her pick up the best from different cuisines and eating cultures. Deepta believes in Mindfulness, Macrobiotic Diet and Ayurveda Fundamentals and tends to implement them in her patient’s daily diet routine. She specialises in gut disorders like IBS, GERD, etc. lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. and chronic diseases like kidney disorders, arthritis, etc.


Dt. Deepta Nagpal served as the diet counsellor to the ex-President of India (Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam) which presented her with unique challenges. She has helped and worked with many International Athletes, Senior Army Officers in active duty, Corporate Executive Leaders. She believes that healthy diet habits and food is needed from early life and she has helped various schools in formulating a diet plan and various sports academies around the world.

Deepta is the founder of ‘Beyond Kilos and Inches’, which has been voted amongst the best online diet consulting programs. ‘Beyond Kilos and Inches‘ was established with a mission to spread nutrition related awareness and remove myths around food, fancy diets and fat loss. She has helped thousands of people get in shape, lose weight, help patients recover from their chronic diseases, manage their symptoms better and be more healthy. 

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What our patients or consultees have to say about me

I have learnt a lot about how to eat properly in this last year with you and achieved and maintained a loss of 14 lbs and 8 inches off my waist, which is a big deal for my age and metabolic status. I haven’t been sick even once in this last year which is also a first for me and my Karate training has improved, so much so that I won a trophy in my belt exam this Sunday.

Dr. Manisha Pune

After 2yrs of running around doctors for my gut related issues, I approached Dt. Deepta. She figured out the issue quickly and within a couple of months of following her diet suggestions, my bloating/gas issues were resolved. She works on correcting the issue from the root and not just a temporary fix. I really appreciate her passion to help people.

Dr Suresh Mumbai

While scrolling through my TL on Twitter, came across Deepta’s profile & that set the ball rolling for a lot of things. I never really had any problem of being overweight but I wanted to start eating healthy for a better lifestyle & being injury prone, I wanted to ensure that I get back to my physical activities with the support of proper nutrition. The journey which started in May’19 continues & thanks for the time taken to understand what my goals were, to understand what my body requires & to guide me which made it all so easy for me. Thank You, for all the help & support.

Arjun Hyderabad

Deepta is a diet professional par excellence. She designs unique plans based on your diet preferences and health issues. What impressed me about her was the amount of time she spent in understanding & explaining gut-related issues. She also helped in recipes which made following the plans much easier. With her holistic approach to health & wellness, you & your gut will richly benefit from Deepta’s guidance. I highly recommend her.

Ekta USA

l got in touch with Dt. Deepta when I was diagnosed with LADA. She helped me and my family with a diet program that the whole family could eat. She helped us understand what different foods help with and why I should be careful of what I eat on a daily basis. The only issue was sometimes things got repetitive but otherwise I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who wants guidance with diet management.

Gautam New Delhi

I got in touch with Deepta four years back when I had few health concerns for which the main stream medicine had no answers. She helped me understand my condition and worked with me to improvise on my health and lifestyle. I have seen tremendous improvement in my health. She is very responsive and listens to all the concerns. She is always reachable. She had definitely made a difference in my approach for food and lifestyle. It had been a wonderful experience working with her. She is always my go to person whom I can trust. Thanks Deepta for being there.

Sonal USA

I tried my best to put it together but honestly my experience with you had been beyond these words. I am actually very thankful for all your help. You are and will always be my go to person if at all i need any advice on my health or lifestyle. Thank you for everything.

Ajay NCR

Most of us relate to the word ‘diet’ with the things that we eat. After being associated with Deepta, I understood it’s not just what’s on our plate but a lot to do with how we eat, when we eat and our state of mind for the rest of the day. Deepta focuses on holistic nutrition, recommending the right diet for the body, mind and overall health. The meal plans are customized to the person’s requirements, location and medical conditions. You lose weight and inches, and gain good health in the form of better skin, better sleep quality and increased fitness levels. Can’t thank Deepta enough for her guidance!

Akanksha Germany

If I did say something, I would say — I found you brilliantly informed about your subject. Your nuanced understanding of food items and their connection with individual physiology of people you work with is very impressive. Most impressive, however, is your ability to make the connection between the mental and emotional health with that of the gut. Keep up the good work.