Healing Power of Food

Food is memory. Food is love. Food is healing. Food is emotions. Food is therapeutic. But food is also something we have become scared of these days. We have started equating food with calories and stopped seeing it as something that nourishes us.

Food can be a powerful tool if planned wisely. The healing powers of food are well recorded since the Sanskrit text Charak Samhita. It has been mentioned by Hippocrates of Greece and also in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our traditional foods are well known and recommended by healers in the West today. Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Neem, Shatavri and so many other herbs have been researched and named as superfoods in the West. Sadly, it is only after recognition in the West that we also started realizing the importance of our own locally grown foods.

India is the country with the largest production of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes. However, our country’s populace is still affected by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity in high numbers. The reason behind this is decreasing consumption of whole foods and substituting them with packaged foods, ready-to-eat foods, fast foods. Most of us end up eating empty calories and highly processed foods. We are prospering, but everyone’s kitchen is filled with ready-to-eat foods.

There are various studies to back up how food can prevent, cure, heal the human body from lifestyle-related disorders. If we give the right nourishment to our bodies, the body starts healing. Nutrition is a powerful tool that was not given importance in modern medicine. But things have changed for the better recently. Now, awareness is greater and a lot of research is being done that proves how diet can influence most medical conditions. For example, a well-planned diet rich in slow carbs, good fats, lean protein, can improve cases of prediabetes condition within few weeks. By eliminating inflammatory foods and adding anti-inflammatory foods, we can arrest leading immunity killers.

However, food is no magic pill that cures all. But a balanced diet does have a lot of benefits. A well-planned meal cooked from scratches with good quality ingredients can do wonders for our health. Healing foods encourage our bodies to recover faster. These foods also speed up recovery by reducing toxic overload and burden on vital organs. It replenishes and rejuvenates our cells by nourishing them.

A healthy eating routine is important in each stage of life and has positive effects. Make every bite count. Eating healthy is the way to boost your health today and in the future. As they say, nutrition does not come from bottles, it comes from nature. Natural foods complement each other. It is not an apple a day that keeps a doctor away, but a well-planned, balanced meal served with love that does the magic.

Remember by adding a variety of real food, we are not only diversifying gut bacteria but also balancing our hormones, replenishing our body with nutrients, anti-oxidants and preventing leading immunity killers from attacking our bodies.

Authored by:
Dt. Deepta Nagpal 
©Deepta Nagpal

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